All my exes live in Sihanoukville

We heard a fair amount of contemporary pop-country music while in Phnom Penh. I made a brief attempt to explain this to myself as indicating some kind of sympathy between the historic, recent and current struggles of the Khmer people and the themes of longing and hardship in American country music… or something… but soon sanity and the preponderance of Keith Urban songs led me to conclude that this is what Phnom Penh retailers think their tourist customers want to hear. Regardless the natural next step was for Kevin and me to spend half an hour thinking up Cambodian versions of famous country song titles (“All My Exes Live in Sihanoukville” being our best showing, obviously). Further entries:

“She Thinks My Remork’s Sexy”*
“Callin’ Siem Reap”
“Palm Wine”
“Have You Forgotten”**
“You Belong With Me (And I Have An Arranged Marriage With You)”
“Butterfly Kisses”
“Vishnu Take the Wheel”***

*A remork is the tourist taxi option of choice in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, especially if you’re two big Western people (ie more mass than can comfortably fit on the back of someone’s moped-taxi). Remork is the Khmer word for a vehicle that’s like a Thai tuk-tuk, but instead of being a single-body vehicle it’s an open-air wheeled cab drawn by a moped. A little moto-chariot, essentially.
**Too edgy?
***Yeah, Theravada Buddhism is the state religion of Cambodia, but there’s a lot of Hinduism in the country’s history (and in its art).

Are you better at thinking of country song titles with proper nouns in them than we are? Pitch in!

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