Angkor Wat

Worth it.

We climbed to the top and sonorously declaimed to our imaginary amassed subjects: “Y’all don’t own one Koo Koo Roo. Not one.”

We also saw some other temples that are part of the Angkor complex (did you know there were others? We did not.) It was all eerie and bygone in this weirdly primal-feeling way — the palpable ancient-ness makes it all feel even more foreign, at least to me. That said, when the guidebooks warn “you will regret it if you only spend a day in Siem Reap!” they were incorrect, at least as pertains to us. Siem Reap is kind of a dusty tourist trap, equal parts Wild West and college town, but not necessarily the good parts of either of those. (There is even a “pub street” with an Irish bar and a bar called Angkor What? and pop-indie music playing.) We had one fantastic Khmer meal on the night of Kevin’s birthday, and lucked into staying very cheaply at a swanky hotel with a pool (plus some endangered/protected little Siamese crocodiles, thankfully contained in a separate pool), but on the whole we didn’t wish we’d stayed longer.

Anyway, here you can peep all our Siem Reap photos, with their art-historical caption commentary of stunning accuracy and amazing detail.
Next up, Phnom Penh!

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