How is Kevin?

Yeah, how is that guy?

Well. Today we put our stuff on some beach chairs that had some shade, and then went to put our swimsuits on. When we got back to the chairs, some other hotel guests, a young Russian couple, had moved our stuff over one place, and taken our shadier spot. OK, all’s fair in love and beach-chair turf war.

But THEN. Our minor displacement meant that when an attractive pair of Spanish ladies got to the beach, Kevin was an arm’s length away from them. And one of them in particular demonstrated not only crazy hourglass proportions and excellent maracas, but a passionate commitment to toplessness, in defiance of Thai law. At one point she even strolled topless down the beach toward the group of local boat operators, possibly to negotiate with them about a rental. But mostly she changed positions a lot and soaked up the sun.

So: Kevin is great. And, generally speaking, all seems right with the world. The Russians are our secret benefactors! My preference to lie around rather than pursue An Activity is revealed to be not laziness but thoughtful prescience! Viva Thailand!

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