Vietnam photo omnibus

Hey friends! If you’re waiting for your Royal Wedding video to load and would like to look at some pictures of noodles or enormous statues of Ho Chi Minh… we’ve got those! Here is Kevin eating really delicious phở, and loving it.

Click here for all of our Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon pictures.

We had a really lovely short visit in Hue, but may not manage to post about it on its own right, so our uproarious captions will have to fill the huge void. Here is Kevin being impatient for his traditional coffee to drip:

Click here for all of our pictures from Hue.

We will definitely be putting up a post about Hanoi, the world’s best place to be killed by oncoming traffic — but you’ll die happy because of how delicious the food is. Here is a picture of two strangers posing by a lewd statue:

Click here for all of our pictures of Hanoi!

Of course, you can always find our most recent — along with our least recent — photos by clicking on the word “Photos” in the black bar near the top of every page. It must be our funny-caption brinksmanship that leads us to call them out separately in this way.

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