"No Promises"

I kept hearing this song on the radio in Vietnam, both on stations that mostly played songs in English and on stations that otherwise didn’t seem to play songs in English. I was totally tickled by its borderline nonsensical generic-ballad lyrics, and assumed I was experiencing some Asian boy-band phenomenon. Like:

“I don’t wanna run away,
You’re the one I need tonight.
No promises.
Baby — now I need to hold you tight.
I just wanna die in your arms…

I don’t wanna run away,
I don’t wanna be alone.
No promises.
Baby, now I need to hold you tight, now and forever my love.”

... and, listening, I figured, presumably no one involved in the making of this song is solid on the meaning of “no promises,” right? Like, if I am the only one you want and you want to be with me forever and it is your preference to die in my arms, I think we may be entering commitment territory. I pictured some lithe dudes with asymmetrical haircuts, soulfully crooning lyrics that were written by a computer program.

But then with a free moment I looked it up. And no! The person who is not solid on what “promises” means is actually English pop sensation Shayne Ward. (Although — why I am wasting my time on this is anyone’s guess — according to Wikipedia the song is originally by some dude Bryan Rice; Shayne Ward is merely covering it. And with a classic like this, who can blame him.)

I mean, the brass cojones of this song. “You’re the only one I want — but if by some chance I DON’T drop dead in the midst of this evening’s passionate lovemaking, you know. No promises.”

Anyway this guy and his shifty overtures are huge in Vietnam. And the video is a masterpiece of its genre. What is that girl wearing?

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