Best 30 seconds of my life

Were you wondering to yourself, what is the prettiest spot on Earth? Because the answer is: Cape Point, and surrounds, near the tip of South Africa.

Our weekend getaway to Cape Town was pretty magical overall — it just felt so trippy to walk on cobbled streets and visit old churches and stop in at little wine bars. I wouldn’t have thought that only a month in Nairobi would have changed my eyes, but when the South African Airways jet pulled into the gate at Kenyatta airport, my spontaneous reaction was “that plane looks so clean.“ Outside of Nairobi’s nimbus of red-brown dust, everything looked fresh-rinsed. Even the planes.

That particular weekend also coincided with my 10th college reunion, which, obviously, I was missing. I was a little blue about it. But then we stopped into a fancy hotel to make use of its fancy bathroom, and who was in the lobby but the Yale Precision Marching Band. I shit you not. I talked to a couple of kids about the renovations to Stiles College — they contend that “the basement is really nice now” (?) — and privately marveled at how old I must look to them. It was a nice coincidence.

Here, for me, was the best bit, though. The scene: Coming down from viewing Cape Point. The view looked like this.

We get into the crappy taxi we’ve hired for the drive. (Crappy like, things like the speedometer, odometer, gas gauge didn’t work.) Our taxi driver, a chatty Nigerian guy whose name I’ve unfortunately forgotten now — an animated, quirky dude, kept hopping out of the car almost without warning to pee by the side of the road, leaving the car running meanwhile — wanted to make sure we’d gotten a good view from the peak.

Him: “Were you able to see the water? Did you like it?”
Us: “OMG yes! Most beautiful place have ever seen! Face melted off!”
Him (serenely): “Yes. God’s creation is so great. All thanks be to Him.”
Us: “... yes.”

Doors slam and we start driving out through the shimmering, rose-gold, honeymoon-in-Stonehenge environs. Driver throws on some mood music.

“First off, fuck your bitch and the clique you claim
(WESTSIDE!) When we ride come equipped with game
You claim to be a player but I fucked your wife
We bust on Bad Boy niggas fuck for life…”

And, God having been duly praised, we drove off into the sunset to the soulful stylings of 2Pac. On repeat. I could not peel the smile off my face.

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