About this trip

Because we are a pair of lucky punks, we've taken six months off to circumnavigate the globe and do volunteer work. We left our home base of San Francisco at the start of April, 2011 and expect to be back there at the beginning of October. Mostly we'll be based in Nairobi, Kenya, where we'll be volunteering our time with local organizations. But we'll also be doing some traveling along the way, making a gradual, not especially efficient westward circle of the world.

The motivation behind this adventure is partly that we've been feeling like our before-the-mortgage days are numbered -- we're in our early thirties, and in the coming years we may not be as free to put our regular lives on pause. And we wanted to see and learn about some parts of the world we'd never visited before. We're both in hopes that we can contribute in some small way to making the world a better place while we're on this junket, but really our goals are pretty modest and selfish: we're hoping that the good experiences will be amazing and the challenging ones will be good for us. Fingers crossed and we'll see. Thanks for visiting!