Sundowner Report, Episode 5, Part 2: After the Gorillas

In the follow-up report to Sundowner Report, Episode 5, Part 1: Before the Gorillas, Page and I describe what it feels like to be surrounded by ten or so 600 lb gorillas, from only a few feet away. And possibly a little closer.

Sundowner Report, Episode 5, Part 1: Before the Gorillas

In Rwanda, we’ve decided to do our investigative, hard-hitting Sundowner Report as a two-parter: one part before we saw the gorillas, and part one after. In this first part of our groundbreaking report, we talk a bit about things Page is looking forward to from futuristic civilizations, our experiences with agriculture and manufacturing, and how we felt after visiting the Rwanda Genocide Memorial. You may also catch Page’s prescient report on what she would do if charged by a gorilla, information she will end up relying upon tomorrow.

The Sundowner Report, Episode 4

It’s a rare sundown that can top the view of a sundown in the Masai Mara. So, join Page and my trusty sidekick Myself in the long overdue, possibly anticipated Sundowner Report, Episode 4, brought to you in My-Cellphone-O-Vision from the Masai Mara savannah. It’s entirely possible that actual wild animals may be featured in this film.

The Sundowner Report, Episode 3

Much like the nightly news, except that it’s not nightly, nor news, The Sundowner Report is back. Episode 3 comes to you from our apartment’s balcony in Nairobi, Kenya during a rare invisible solar eclipse. Topics covered include Kevin, Page, and Tusker.

The Sundowner Report, Episode 2

Our infrequent feature, posing as a frequent feature, is back! The Sundowner Report, Episode 2, comes to you not-live from a beautiful sunset in Singapore. Watch the video, live the excitement, see high-tech panorama technology at work.

The Sundowner Report, Episode 1

Inaugurating a maybe occasional feature, in which we talk at you, watch the resulting video, and post it in spite of the fact that it’s excruciating to watch yourself on video. Page would like it known that she is sending away for a new voice and head. Also that she has never been to either Nantucket or Manchester, England. Anyway: Coming to you not-live, from Chiang Mai, Thailand!